Chamomile: Not Just a Sleepy Time Herbal Tea

Even before I got into herbs, I new that chamomile was a great tea to drink if you needed help falling asleep. {Thank you American television.} Modern medicine does a great job @ taking a symptom, finding one chemical component to make the symptom go away & then running it into the ground. As an herbalist, my job is to take several steps back from a symptom, listen to signals from clients, & look for patterns of dysfunction to help treat to assist the body in finding homeostasis. Balance & support are always my goals in herbal protocols.

A favorite herb that I keep on hand is Chamomile, known to the ancient Greeks as “ground apple.” This herb not only has sedative properties to help with sleep, but also acts as a whole body tonic to build strength during & after an illness. As a nervine, chamomile is wonderful to have on hand during emergencies to bring a calmness to situations, it helps ease menstrual cramps & has anti-biotic properties, & with the bitterness of this plant, chamomile is wonderful for digestive upset such as colic in babies & young children, & healing the intestinal walls in cases of Leaky Gut & Candida.

As with any physical problems, diet is ALWAYS number one in treating the body. If you can heal the gut, you can make a huge impact on physical symptoms, mental/emotional stress & body processes. Headaches, nervous tension, colds, allergies, autoimmune disease, and more can easily be maintained & controlled through the right individual diet & exercise plan. Chamomile works well in many of these situations to provide bodily support for digestion related pains (including headaches related to liver overload), easing physical & mental tension, lowering fevers with colds, easing the intensity of allergies due to mucus overload in the body & has a cumulative effect for auto immune symptoms.

Most recently in our house, I have used chamomile specifically for digestive upset & constipation, calming bad dreams (due to eating too close to bed time & stress), easing nervous energy & stress & seemingly unending cases of the whines {from both children & this momma}. Chamomile blends beautifully in juices, so the children don’t mind (and sometimes aren’t even aware of) taking it & is a pleasant tea to sip while snuggled up with a cozy blanket & good book.

There is no magic pill, food, formula or herb to heal any / all issues, but with the right food choices, regular exercise & body process support, chamomile is a great herbal friend – and not just for helping Grandmothers get to sleep.

May your sleep be sweet & your liver be happy,


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