Stepping Into Change

When I became a stay-at-home mom a few years ago, it was with the understanding that I would re-enter the working world once our youngest was settled into kindergarten. Four months into his kindergarten career, the little freckle faced, curly haired cutey is settled in. He has adjusted to the fact that he must do real work every school day & is well on his way to convincing the girls around him to finish tasks he feels are unnecessary: namely coloring & glueing.

Before I became a stay-at-home mom, I was a working mom. Actually, I began my career & became a mommy just ten days later. It’s what I refer to as a fake it till ya make it phase of life. {added to that: building a house & grad school, aka, formula for a breakdown}. Fast forward 7 years & I’ve tip-toed back into bits & pieces of my previous career. Instead of catching up on the latest gossip & news with the GMA crew, I’m up before the sun to squeeze in a workout & getting everyone ready between sips of coffee to head out to help instruct & guide the future leaders of America. Stepping into a surprisingly quick change has been nice. It’s added some new challenges to our lives, but has also added tiny bits of confidence that I lost several years ago.

So, as herb school closes & my business takes shape, it will be formed around weeks spent in the classroom, evenings of family time & consultations & weekends spent at festivals & craft shows. Do what you love, love what you do. Find peace with broken pieces of your past, pick them up, dust them off, learn to love them again & enjoy stepping onto blended paths of a happy mix of old & new.


Happy new {work} week,



Oh my, what a busy week! It seems as though October is always sneakily busy. This week has been overflowing with adventure…

Changing seasons mean growing children & having to raise the swings by a link or two.


The corn in the field next door has been harvested & our favorite cows are now grazing through & sending us their greetings.


Perfectly centering moments to think & celebrate nature on my favorite back road tunnel of trees.


Tip-toeing back into the working world.


My children doing incredibly odd things at their hair appointments. Seriously. Odd.


Precious moments of savoring this fabulous fall weather, textures, colors & temps.


If you’re on Instagram, you can find me @maeusa for more nature, herby, crafty & family adventure filled snapshots.

Happy Friday,

Three Things Thursday


This post is brought to you by chai tea + brandy. For breakfast. It’s a good thing: warming, soothing to a sore throat & hacking cough, & opening up clogged ears. Also? It’s ridiculously quite yummy.

2. Last night my husband & I were having a very serious discussion about the over abundance of cop/killer/solve the crime shows in the dvr que. {Side note: Mommas let your babies play cops & robbers & shoot things & discover the play side of violence as children so their future wives aren’t constantly forced to watch violent things. M’kay?} When I told him his killing show interfered with the beards being back he gave me distant, blank look. How can he not get excited abut pretty rednecks who shoot things?!!

3. Speaking of rednecks, on a recent trip to the Smokies, my children’s inner redneck shined (shone?) like the top of the Chrystler building. They chose 2 souvenirs each: airbrushed t-shirts & camo hats. You can take the kids out of the country… However, today for school pictures they tapped into their more preppy side. Say cheese!


Loosey goosey out,

P.S. I’m not responsible in any way for grammatical or spelling errors due to the haze hanging out in my head. And various things of that nature.

P.P.S. I ❤ Big Bird. ~and that's pretty much all of the political debate you'll see on Going Herbal. Now, I need a nap.

InstaFriday {Antiquing Adventures Edition}

Friday mornings after my coffee date with the girls, I take $20 & see just how far I can get it to stretch in the thrift & antique shops that are scattered around our little town. I love looking for Pyrex, blue Ball jars, crates & vintage materials to upcycle for work projects. Some days those are easier to find than others, but regardless of the purchases I make, the adventures in antiquing are never ending. Interesting shops, owners & items bring about interesting stories, bargaining skills are always tweaked & reading people & guessing stories behind objects is always a great form of entertainment. Here are a few snapshots from today.

An insanely cool Jack Daniels photobooth.


Lots of great Pyrex pieces. I scored a great pie plate in coral for $8.


This fabulous Singer sewing machine in a shop whose prices were astronomical.


Tons of cast iron from the past few decades.


A “field phone” in mint condition. I was intrigued.


What I ended up emptying my (quite shallow) pocket over: pyrex & a Coke crate. Both of which will be utilized in my kitchen & market booth. Total spent: $28.


Are you a fan of vintage / thrifting / antiquing? What are your favorite finds?

Have a wonderful weekend & may the prices be on your side.

Three Things Thursday

1. Do you ever run in to overly eccentric people time & time again? I’ve noticed that it happens in spurts. Today, I wondered if it was to help me improve my poker face… And then I wondered how often people get to work on their poker face around me.

2. Fall harvest has been so lovely lately! I’ve been putting together lots of tinctures, elixirs, tea blends, & all sorts of other happy herby products. It makes my heart sing. The kitchen table makes a great lab.


3. Some amazing sunsets have been setting in my back yard. Breathtaking even. I always like to take a few moments to honor the power of such a bright star & the presence of the moon & sun together in the skies. It’s very centering to my soul.


Sending centering thoughts your way.



It’s finally Friday & this tired Mommy couldn’t be happier for a long weekend to get some good ol’ r ‘n r.

We kicked off last weekend with a night of backyard camping {for the girls only} & the Tooth Fairy found us thanks to H leaving an oh-so-bright flashlight shining on the lost body part.

I love watching the fog roll out on early mornings as I get to enjoy coffee before everyone starts waking. Country living is a gift.

My poor little sick one has been a trooper. He takes whatever I give him & while the herbs have helped tremendously, I can’t get the mucus in his chest to break up & move out for anything. Off to the doc we go for some allopathic assistance.

Here’s to a weekend of recovery & seriously delicious, healing foods.


It’s been a FULL week in Hale. From a few good hours on the trails to gymnastics swim team, homework & house work, I’m more than excited to have an evening of no plans or scheduled activities. I’m slowly getting used to the overly quiet hours of a childless house, & have been planning more business things & securing booths for fall craft shows. Our busy season has kicked off with a bang!





Happy Friday,

Three Things Thursday

1. Football is on television, I’m snuggled under a quilt & the smell of fall is almost in the air. That combination makes me absolutely giddy.

2. After school activities have started, which makes me a professional chauffeur. Two children, 3 sports, 5 days a week. This makes me really want to lobby for cloning. Agreed parents?

3. Due to Thing #2, there isn’t enough time in the week for me to have a booth at our amazing winery’s farmers market any more. {Insert pitiful face here.} However, I still have great crafty & herbal concoctions available & am happy to get them to those in need or want. Next week I’ve got a hot date with my Etsy page and the listing process.

What kind of schedule changes are happening in your house this fall?

Are you looking forward to football & hockey season? We’re big Vols, Titans & Preds fans here!

Happy days to you,

Happy Accidents in Herb Gardening

A quick walk out to the compost pile & herb beds this morning made me do a double take & pull a Joey from Blossom type “WHOA!!!” this morning. I love being an herbalist & seeing what pops up, a very dry June & very rainy July & August have certainly made for interesting herb gardening.

In the compost pile I discovered some great pumpkin vines & baby walnut trees.

Among the strawberry plants, a beautiful poke has begun to put off berries, which will make for some fun face painting & hopefully cloth dying for some crafty projects.

My fennel has gone to seed & I’m telling myself that I’ll keep a closer eye on it to save the seeds to share & sell @ the farmers market. The mullein is putting on a tall, flowering show, too. I’ll gather the flowers & add them with garlic to make an ear oil.

I was so happy to see my echinacea flowering & my goodness @ the sages, rosemary, lemon balm & mints!!! Off I go with tools to snip, dry & make into products for market.

It never ceases to amaze me that all of this grows in 2 small raised beds & a {very} neglected compost pile. Mother Nature is full of surprises.

Happy herb harvesting,

Do you garden on a small or large scale? What’s been the most surprising crop to pop up on your land?