Semi-wordless Wednesday


Fuel your fire. Follow your dreams.


Making Healthy Decisions Easy & Attractive

We are a household that is driven by convenience, as are a majority in this country, I would think. In making a healthier, more balanced life for myself, my husband & children, the life of packaged convenience foods – regardless of the health factors broadcasted on the wrappers – is coming to an end. Today while they visit family near KY, I am overhauling our kitchen. Out goes anything with HFCS, most individually packaged foods & the dis-ease that leads to disease in this world. Replacing those will be homemade, real food, healthy choices bought through our local food coop, farmers market & made in our own kitchen.

The detox period is probably going to be ugly. Moaning, wailing, gnashing of teeth, tears & fits are sure to happen – but the lessons in life, liberty & the pursuit of real health & happiness are worth the risks.

Walk your own path. Make & grow your own food. Take ownership of your life & health.

Cheers from the depths of the kitchen cabinets,

The Plan {Ankle Injury Edition}


It’s been 4 days since the craptastic rolling of the ankle and I’ve still got pretty significant swelling & pain. Since running is out of the question, Coach told me to hit the bike & pool. This is what I have on tap for the week.

Monday: Core work: planks, side planks, reverse planks, crunches, reverse crunches, push ups, bridges

Tuesday: Pool time. I’m kinda skurt ’bout this one. It’s been a helluva long time since I’ve been serious in the pool. May the lung goddesses help me remember what lateral breathing feels like. Goal: 30 minutes / 750 yds. (short swim) + 15 min core & light yoga

Wednesday: Short bike – 45 minutes (the same time I’d spend on a short run). Intervals while catching up on a dvr’d show. I’ll come up with some crazy scheme to do speed sets & recovery times. Strength session from the very awesome Nike Training Club app.

Thursday: Long swim to get my 500 time recorded so I have a place to build from & try to lower. Goal: 1,000 yds including warm up/cool down. 15 min core & light yoga

Friday: Rest &/or possibly a short & easy test run to see how the ankle holds up. (Please ankle, please be healed & happy!)

Saturday: The weather is supposed to be great, so we are planning to put in raised garden beds. Yay for dirt under the fingernails, the smell of compost being spread, growing your own food & passing down the love of nature to children.

Sunday: Long run of 4 miles – with soles on the ground, a strong core & ankles staying where the good Lord meant for them to stay. Amen.

Here’s to chlorine in the hair & body glide in the bike shorts,

Three Things Thursdsy

1. It’s the beginning of my husband’s insanely busy season at work, which means instead of getting to see him each night, we have to settle for phone calls & nights of children + mommy sleepovers in mommy’s bed. I’m not good as a solo parent. We all survive, but openly recognize the missing link in life while Bran keeps TVA & KY coal plants up & running. Props to parents who only know life in this manner. Your strength is amazing. I, however, am a wimp.

2. Last Friday I got bit by the headache / sore throat / mucus filled / craptastic bug that is roaring through the South. Thank you, insane non-winter winter. It has yet to leave, and today is most definitely the worst feeling day yet. Lots of mullein, chickweed & cleavers tea, chicken soup, citrus & water are going in. I hope the crud goes out very soon!

3. Triathlon season is coming up beginning in April. I’m excited and scared at the same time. Trail running & speed work are keeping me on my toes (& sometimes my bottom) & adding in the swim & bike begins next week. Cheers to being in the back of the pack in three sports instead of just 1! Up first is the A.D. Pi-Athlon @ MTSU, then a backwards relay in Woodbury including a run down Short Mountain, bike ride to the mill & a canoe on the river. Fun times are ahead!

May your mucus be clear & your partner be home,


Sometimes runs are amazing, life altering, zen like experiences that leave me feeling as though I can conquer the world. Other times, runs can leave me irritated, frustrated & wondering why the Hale I think I have any business lacing up my shoes and being out on the road or trail in the first place. Often, this swing of emotions can happen in the stretch of a half mile or less. I always know that even if it feels as though each step is the first air wave to the next tsunami, if i just focus on something other than myself, the moment will pass and a beautiful one will be just around the next curve or atop the hill in the distance.

Last week was just a meh week running wise. Nothing life shattering, & hopefully nothing tsunami starting. When I stepped onto the scale, I was down a few more lbs, my measurements were down a few inches, I had to shop for some new jeans in a smaller size & I didn’t want to snort my children’s sandwiches as I packed their lunches. When one aspect of life doesn’t go as you plan, take a step back, look at the whole picture as opposed to focusing on every tiny detail, celebrate the accomplishments, learn from the setbacks and get out & try it all again tomorrow.

Holla from the comma splice princess,

The Journey of a Thousand Miles

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao-tzu

I’m not a resolution maker any more. I was for many years, but when I failed to become a size 2 millionaire & bring about world peace back in 1999, I stopped making resolutions.

Instead, I make goals: large ones, small ones, crazy ones, goals that make my husband raise his eyebrows, shake his head and say, “Well, have fun.” You see, to me, goals can be broken down, planned, measured, written down in color coded ink and checked off as each stage is accomplished. It’s quite thrilling to plan, do, check off, smile & reach for the next stage.

One of my goals for 2012 is to run 1,000 miles. One.thousand.miles. That’s a lot to look at, to think about, to buy shoes & socks for, but it’s doable. Wanna know how? The answer is clear: begin with a single step.

Yesterday I knocked off 5.7 of those (darn the rain & not getting out of the house 10 minutes earlier to make it an even 6!) By the end of the week I should have a little over 20 gone. An average of 19.2 miles each week will put me at 1,000 miles by the end of 2012. Five runs a week, lots of races and some major plans and goals spread throughout the year will keep me excited and working to not give up or be defeated. Encouragement, excitement, taking care of my body, giving it good nutrition, stretching, massages in the name of self care and adequate rest will feasibly lead me through the journey safely.

Here’s to each single step – may they be adventurous.

Half Marathon Kickoff Training Day

Ahhhhh, it’s Tuesday, I’m officially 11 1/2 weeks out from the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon with my Ragnar Sisters & I couldn’t be more excited about it!!! A couple of weeks ago I found a coach, we hashed out my goals for 2012 & 2013 and he sent me steps to take to reach & surpass those goals. This coming year is going to be so fun & full of swim/bike/run/trail/epic adventures & I can’t wait to share the ups, downs, ins, outs, crashes, and slides with you. It will be interesting & challenging to try to find the balance of being as selfless as possible with my time [hello, early morning winter workouts while the family sleeps], running a business, & being the best wife/mom/daughter/friend/student possible!

My workout weeks will look a little like this:

Monday: Yoga / Strength Training

Tuesday: Speed work on the tready {I will learn to love you, tready. I promise.}

Wednesday: Trails!!!

Thursday: Tempo Runs

Friday: Rest, sweeeeeeet rest

Saturday: More trails. I ❤ you trails.

Sunday: Long run

Before my half, I have a few smaller races planned. Up next is a local 5k on Dec. 10 & my first trail race is Dec. 18. I’m just praying to keep the soles of my Merrells on the ground for this one!

While all the running is going on, I’m working on finding my healthy weight. I’ve got a long way to go, but with John’s advice & my knowledge of nutrition & herbs, the lbs are coming off. It’s so much easier to look at food as fuel and know that my body will react well when I give it good fuel than to look at it from a “diet” perspective. I’m sure many posts will come from that alone!

Ok, enough rambling, it’s time to work [out]! Do you have any major goals set that you are working towards? Races? Personal life? Business? Tell me about them, please!

Happy Miles,


Looking Forward

2011 has been a year of lessons for me. Lessons that were hard to hear, see, feel, and smile through. Lessons that have made each step of the journey seem as though I was travelling uphill, in the snow, with no shoes… In the trenches living that leaves one knowing only one thing: tomorrow is a new day, with no mistakes in it. (Thank you Anne of Green Gables). My goal in life it to live each day so that I can say I squeezed every drop of life out of it. By choosing to do so, I’m looking forward to what is to come, appreciating the path that has led me there, and fully living in the now. Here, you’ll find silly moments of living in the present, adventures in life with my husband and children, practicing what I teach & preach using herbs as a large part of our daily life, training plans and races, the ups and downs of owning my own handmade business, pictures of the beauty the surrounds me & clips of randomness that keeps life interesting. Welcome to Going Herbal!