Monday Morning Recap {Bell Buckle Craft Fair}

Do you ever have moments in life when you sit back & know without the shadow of a doubt that you are on your path? Moments when all of the chips fall together & the years of hard work, uncertainty, learning & jumping in with both feet to a field that isn’t very popular are just right? I’m still riding a craft fair high this morning. As an herbalist, I never really know how my products are going to be viewed or received by people who wander into the booth. The tiny little apothecary bottles are filled with pieces of my heart. Much like sending your children off to school for the first time, putting out herbal products for public viewing & scrutiny is a big deal! Our little booth received so much love & encouragement this weekend from so many of you. Whether you texted or called, came in person to give hugs & ohh & ahh over the sights & smells, if you were a complete stranger who chatted & asked questions, or an online acquaintance who liked pictures & sent virtual love, I can’t thank you enough! Our time in Bell Buckle was wonderful & encouraging. It was a huge learning experience & full of laughter, fun & at times even delirium. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Tracey & I are excited for things to come. Our next big show will be December 1st at the Shabby Lane Shops Holiday Splendor Trunk Show at Murfreesboro’s Lane Agri-Park Community Center. For the next two Thursdays you can find us set up at the Farmers Market @ Beans Creek Winery in Manchester & Nov 3 I’ll be at Manchester’s Holiday Market @ the Ada Wright building (aka, the barn @ the boys’ ball field).

Until then it’s the mommy, wife & herbalist’s life… Not to shabby if you ask me. Enjoy a few snap shots from my phone. Real pics of the prep & weekend will come as soon as I sit down at the laptop.








Happy Monday sweet friends,


Three Things Thursday

1. Today is a day in need of laughter & energy, one in which I could use some good ol’ sister + girlfriend time. Busy seasons are both welcome & difficult in the fact that my singular focus on business means extra time spent with the girls gets put on the back burner. This weekend is the big craft show & then I’m giving myself a week of coffee & lunch dates, a girls night out & getting super girly hosting a baby shower for a dear friend.

2. Do you ever get into a place of such creativity that your hands need to work in order for your mind & body to relax? That’s my usual mind frame as show times get close. I decided I’d try my hand at some hoop art. Those cross stitching lessons my mom, sister & I had in the 80’s certainly paid off this week! There is something so soothing in sitting down to rest mentally & physically while still being productive & getting out creative energy. Here is what I made, with design input from le petit artiste.


3. Bell Buckle, Bell Buckle, Bell Buckle!!!! It’s at the forefront of my mind. It’s taking over my dreams. It’s surrounding me mentally, physically & emotionally. If you’re in Middle Tennessee this weekend, please come out to support the Webb School & so many amazing artists & crafters this weekend. The weather is going to be perfect. I’ll be on Maple Street next to the campus.

Happy crafting & dreams,

Welcoming Fall With Real Food Ingredients


I love everything there is about Fall: football, soccer, warming foods, scarves, boots, open windows all day, crisp mornings & evenings, running trails of freshly fallen leaves, the list could go on & on. With each change of season, I always make a welcoming spice blend to simmer on the stove & beckon seasonal changes to happily enter our home. This simple blend is my absolute favorite, & also happens to remind me of the potpourri blends my mom simmered constantly during my childhood.

My Ode to Fall Blend:
2 sticks of cinnamon
1 teaspoon orange zest
1 teaspoon nutmeg
1 teaspoon cloves
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 cups water

Mix ingredients in a small saucepan & simmer on low all day. Check water levels & add more as needed.

How do you welcome this beautiful season?

Happy Fall! May your toes be warm & your days be filled with joy,


Holy smokes, is it Friday already?! These days are flying by & no matter how much I plan, I never seem to accomplish all that covers my beloved post it note lists. With craft show season quickly approaching {my 1st show is in 2 weeks!!!}, I’m spending a lot of time working in the studio, gathering herbs & drying them for herbal concoctions.

A little sample of our week:

Looking in antique shops for booth decor & storage.


Items from the studio.



Fresh, organic herbs from the garden.


Thoroughly enjoying cool mornings for coffee breaks & yummy muffins.


Have a fabulous weekend, all! What’s on your agenda for welcoming Fall?

Three Things Thursday

1. Football is on television, I’m snuggled under a quilt & the smell of fall is almost in the air. That combination makes me absolutely giddy.

2. After school activities have started, which makes me a professional chauffeur. Two children, 3 sports, 5 days a week. This makes me really want to lobby for cloning. Agreed parents?

3. Due to Thing #2, there isn’t enough time in the week for me to have a booth at our amazing winery’s farmers market any more. {Insert pitiful face here.} However, I still have great crafty & herbal concoctions available & am happy to get them to those in need or want. Next week I’ve got a hot date with my Etsy page and the listing process.

What kind of schedule changes are happening in your house this fall?

Are you looking forward to football & hockey season? We’re big Vols, Titans & Preds fans here!

Happy days to you,


Camping, bonfires, & s’mores.


An end of season swim team party, complete with a huge storm & power outage.


Opening day @ school


And some time for me to work on new projects.

{Lots of upcycling: a yarn wreath with flowers made from a shirt & two cafe aprons made from a dress.}

I’m looking forward to some trail time over the weekend & enjoying our last few lazy days of summer before jumping into the hustle-bustle of a school routine.

Happy weekending & Instagramming moments,

Three Things Thursday

1. I’ve been carving out some studio time this week & trying to do a good bit of upcycling from the amazing bin of clothes I have. So far so good! The other day I deconstructed a really cute dress & it became a cafe apron (+ several other projects).

20120802-123346.jpg I see so many more projects in my near future.

2. Today was a 2 hour day for the kids at school. I officially have a Kindergartener & 1st grader. People keep asking me how I’m handling my babies being in school – other than a little sniffle moment last night while tucking them into bed, I’m ecstatic! Routine, projects, field trips, reading new books, meeting new friends, & watching them blossom into ridiculously cool kids is great gift for making it through the baby & toddler years.


3. We went on a camping trip last weekend & had lots of time in the pool. Swimming laps, doing flips + handstands, tipping each other off of floats & just enjoying time together in the water was healing for all of our souls. Once our school routine is under way, this momma is gonna hit the water much more often. Maybe one day I’ll even do a little tri. 😉

Off to the studio to prep for market + a reopening of my Etsy shop.
Just keep swimming,


What we’ve been up to recently:


Enjoying sunsets.


Spending time with dear friends.


Introducing H & my nieces to the magic of great live music @ the Grand Ole Opry.


Easing back into the crafting studio.


And enjoying evenings when Daddy makes it home before bedtime.

Today we’re heading out to camp for a few days & then it’s back to the school routine & figuring out what to do with myself while both kids are in kindy & 1st grade.

May your summer days be full of adventure & family time,