It’s been a FULL week in Hale. From a few good hours on the trails to gymnastics swim team, homework & house work, I’m more than excited to have an evening of no plans or scheduled activities. I’m slowly getting used to the overly quiet hours of a childless house, & have been planning more business things & securing booths for fall craft shows. Our busy season has kicked off with a bang!





Happy Friday,


A Hiking Date

This morning the children were with their Tita, so Brandon & I headed up to Sewanee for a morning hiking date. We did a couple of miles on the Perimeter Trail, which spans 20 miles around the University of the South’s beautiful campus. I promised Bran that I would keep the pictures to a minimum, because I may have a tendency to snap pictures every other step take a few too many pics and slow our pace down significantly. I can’t help that I love nature and want to share it with the world!

Driving up, you see this enormous cross right before the overlook down the mountain to Cowan.  St. Andrew’s Sewanee and the University of the South are supported by the Episcopal Church and both campuses have amazing architecture that show that influence. The 30 minute drive from home is worth seeing the buildings alone.

This is the view immediately behind the cross and as you head to the trail.

 I always wonder which tidbits in history these stones have witnessed and how they have changed over thousands of years. Nature’s size never ceases to amaze me.

Chilly water sitting below a crazy-amazing house right on the cliff. The crossing here was two railroad ties. I may have experienced a What About Bob baby steps off the elevator moment.

 Sacrificing my life to snap a pic while balancing on the oh-so-slippery railroad ties and getting splashed by the falls. {No, there’s no drama here. At all.}

This ended up being our turn around point. My knee was starting to protest and after I got a look at the other side of the trail, I decided pizza was a better option. When this injury heals, I’ll be all about it… and even more pizza. Btw, I could stand up straight in here, making this all of a 5′ 3″ opening.

 This is his, “Hurry up and take a picture so we can go” look. Bless.

Afterwards we changed shoes & headed into Sewanee for a serious good lunch at Crust – a tiny & unique pizza joint that will become our “after hiking and taking 1,000 pictures” ritual.

Yuuuuuurm. Half Sleestak & half Sigmund = allllll good!

Happy trails and IT bands until we meet again,