Three Things Thursday

1. Today is a day in need of laughter & energy, one in which I could use some good ol’ sister + girlfriend time. Busy seasons are both welcome & difficult in the fact that my singular focus on business means extra time spent with the girls gets put on the back burner. This weekend is the big craft show & then I’m giving myself a week of coffee & lunch dates, a girls night out & getting super girly hosting a baby shower for a dear friend.

2. Do you ever get into a place of such creativity that your hands need to work in order for your mind & body to relax? That’s my usual mind frame as show times get close. I decided I’d try my hand at some hoop art. Those cross stitching lessons my mom, sister & I had in the 80’s certainly paid off this week! There is something so soothing in sitting down to rest mentally & physically while still being productive & getting out creative energy. Here is what I made, with design input from le petit artiste.


3. Bell Buckle, Bell Buckle, Bell Buckle!!!! It’s at the forefront of my mind. It’s taking over my dreams. It’s surrounding me mentally, physically & emotionally. If you’re in Middle Tennessee this weekend, please come out to support the Webb School & so many amazing artists & crafters this weekend. The weather is going to be perfect. I’ll be on Maple Street next to the campus.

Happy crafting & dreams,


Three Things Thursday


This post is brought to you by chai tea + brandy. For breakfast. It’s a good thing: warming, soothing to a sore throat & hacking cough, & opening up clogged ears. Also? It’s ridiculously quite yummy.

2. Last night my husband & I were having a very serious discussion about the over abundance of cop/killer/solve the crime shows in the dvr que. {Side note: Mommas let your babies play cops & robbers & shoot things & discover the play side of violence as children so their future wives aren’t constantly forced to watch violent things. M’kay?} When I told him his killing show interfered with the beards being back he gave me distant, blank look. How can he not get excited abut pretty rednecks who shoot things?!!

3. Speaking of rednecks, on a recent trip to the Smokies, my children’s inner redneck shined (shone?) like the top of the Chrystler building. They chose 2 souvenirs each: airbrushed t-shirts & camo hats. You can take the kids out of the country… However, today for school pictures they tapped into their more preppy side. Say cheese!


Loosey goosey out,

P.S. I’m not responsible in any way for grammatical or spelling errors due to the haze hanging out in my head. And various things of that nature.

P.P.S. I ❤ Big Bird. ~and that's pretty much all of the political debate you'll see on Going Herbal. Now, I need a nap.

Three Things Thursday

1. Do you ever run in to overly eccentric people time & time again? I’ve noticed that it happens in spurts. Today, I wondered if it was to help me improve my poker face… And then I wondered how often people get to work on their poker face around me.

2. Fall harvest has been so lovely lately! I’ve been putting together lots of tinctures, elixirs, tea blends, & all sorts of other happy herby products. It makes my heart sing. The kitchen table makes a great lab.


3. Some amazing sunsets have been setting in my back yard. Breathtaking even. I always like to take a few moments to honor the power of such a bright star & the presence of the moon & sun together in the skies. It’s very centering to my soul.


Sending centering thoughts your way.

Three Things Thursday

1. Parenting is hard. Not that this is new news, or anything, but it’s been especially difficult in our house the past few months. Today I was talking with a wise woman about things & she said, “When I learned to slow down & communicate with my children, parenting became so much easier.” Her words hit me like a Mac truck. Perspective is an important talent to have. How applicable is her wisdom to every facet of life?

2. We’ve had a sick one in the house this week. Herbs, herbs, & more herbs have gone into my little man & thankfully his fever broke without getting into the frighteningly high zone & he only missed one day of school. Germs are good until they aren’t, huh?

3. I needed to get out of the house today, so I went “pre-shopping” for school picture outfits. The kids have outgrown Carter’s, aren’t really Gymboree style wearers & H isn’t going to be sporting Justice clothing any time soon (or ever if i can help it). It makes me think the Amish are on to something.

Keep calm & sew rad clothes,

Three Things Thursday

1. Football is on television, I’m snuggled under a quilt & the smell of fall is almost in the air. That combination makes me absolutely giddy.

2. After school activities have started, which makes me a professional chauffeur. Two children, 3 sports, 5 days a week. This makes me really want to lobby for cloning. Agreed parents?

3. Due to Thing #2, there isn’t enough time in the week for me to have a booth at our amazing winery’s farmers market any more. {Insert pitiful face here.} However, I still have great crafty & herbal concoctions available & am happy to get them to those in need or want. Next week I’ve got a hot date with my Etsy page and the listing process.

What kind of schedule changes are happening in your house this fall?

Are you looking forward to football & hockey season? We’re big Vols, Titans & Preds fans here!

Happy days to you,

Three Things Thursday

1. I’ve been carving out some studio time this week & trying to do a good bit of upcycling from the amazing bin of clothes I have. So far so good! The other day I deconstructed a really cute dress & it became a cafe apron (+ several other projects).

20120802-123346.jpg I see so many more projects in my near future.

2. Today was a 2 hour day for the kids at school. I officially have a Kindergartener & 1st grader. People keep asking me how I’m handling my babies being in school – other than a little sniffle moment last night while tucking them into bed, I’m ecstatic! Routine, projects, field trips, reading new books, meeting new friends, & watching them blossom into ridiculously cool kids is great gift for making it through the baby & toddler years.


3. We went on a camping trip last weekend & had lots of time in the pool. Swimming laps, doing flips + handstands, tipping each other off of floats & just enjoying time together in the water was healing for all of our souls. Once our school routine is under way, this momma is gonna hit the water much more often. Maybe one day I’ll even do a little tri. 😉

Off to the studio to prep for market + a reopening of my Etsy shop.
Just keep swimming,

Three(ish) Things Thursday

1. My brain cells are completely gone. Kaput. Sayonara. Possibly because I’ve been in Sweden with Lisbeth Salander kicking arse & taking names via the Millennium Trilogy… Or something.

2. It’s Farmers Market Thursday & all’s well.

3. Mommying has been a whirlwind lately. From my kindergartener telling me a-s-s (yes, she spelled it out) is a bad word to my 4 year old sitting on one of the girls next door and pooting on her, it’s been a full week. We’ve been doing a lot of teaching & learning about consequences. Bless.

Happy gas passing,

Three Things Thursday

1. Gah! It’s officially my first Farmers Market day & I’m a lil bit on the cray-cray side trying to think through things & not go major cray-cray from stress & over-thinking.

2. Stress + injury + full moon + blerg = 2 lb weight gain this week. Must.simmer.down.

3. As I was walking out the door to buy supplies the other day, Jack asked what I was doing. My reply: “I’m getting things for work.” He scoffed and said: “WHAT?!?! Girls don’t like to do real work, Mommy! {laughed eeeeevily & ran away}.” Who is this child & what am I teaching him?

Happy working day happiness,

Three Things Thursday

1. A one-sided, streaming convo with my 6-year-old. “Mom, how old is Strawberry Shortcake, anyway? I mean, she lives with her baby sister and a dog, and is allowed to cook by herself. She has to be somewhere between 13 and 16, don’t you think?”


2. Biking is going well. I’m getting used to being in the saddle again, and my foot doesn’t hurt during the ride, but swells and throbs afterwards. The routine I did Tuesday (b/c I didn’t get out the door in time for my son to go to the kids’ gym while I swam): Dukes of Hazard Intervals: 5 minute warm up +  building through the gears. Easy spin when Uncle Jesse was calm, speed sets while the Duke boys were being chased, and all out when Boss Hogg was throwing a conniption fit. Then reverse sets going back down through the gears and a 5 minute cool down. Total time: 50 minutes. Fun factor: 6 out of 10. Sweat & Stink factor: 5 out of 10 {a sweaty top, but not soaked through}. Workout success? Yes!


3. My sister and I had some girl time yesterday and stopped into Alter’d State for some browsing. Ahhhhh, how lovely and inspiring is that store??? I have some designs in my head that just may make it on the sewing table and into my Etsy shop from all the eye candy in that shop. I loved everything about it! Is there a store you walk into that makes you feel the same way? Do tell!


Pretty ruffles and cute boots,




Three Things Thursdsy

1. It’s the beginning of my husband’s insanely busy season at work, which means instead of getting to see him each night, we have to settle for phone calls & nights of children + mommy sleepovers in mommy’s bed. I’m not good as a solo parent. We all survive, but openly recognize the missing link in life while Bran keeps TVA & KY coal plants up & running. Props to parents who only know life in this manner. Your strength is amazing. I, however, am a wimp.

2. Last Friday I got bit by the headache / sore throat / mucus filled / craptastic bug that is roaring through the South. Thank you, insane non-winter winter. It has yet to leave, and today is most definitely the worst feeling day yet. Lots of mullein, chickweed & cleavers tea, chicken soup, citrus & water are going in. I hope the crud goes out very soon!

3. Triathlon season is coming up beginning in April. I’m excited and scared at the same time. Trail running & speed work are keeping me on my toes (& sometimes my bottom) & adding in the swim & bike begins next week. Cheers to being in the back of the pack in three sports instead of just 1! Up first is the A.D. Pi-Athlon @ MTSU, then a backwards relay in Woodbury including a run down Short Mountain, bike ride to the mill & a canoe on the river. Fun times are ahead!

May your mucus be clear & your partner be home,