InstaFriday {Antiquing Adventures Edition}

Friday mornings after my coffee date with the girls, I take $20 & see just how far I can get it to stretch in the thrift & antique shops that are scattered around our little town. I love looking for Pyrex, blue Ball jars, crates & vintage materials to upcycle for work projects. Some days those are easier to find than others, but regardless of the purchases I make, the adventures in antiquing are never ending. Interesting shops, owners & items bring about interesting stories, bargaining skills are always tweaked & reading people & guessing stories behind objects is always a great form of entertainment. Here are a few snapshots from today.

An insanely cool Jack Daniels photobooth.


Lots of great Pyrex pieces. I scored a great pie plate in coral for $8.


This fabulous Singer sewing machine in a shop whose prices were astronomical.


Tons of cast iron from the past few decades.


A “field phone” in mint condition. I was intrigued.


What I ended up emptying my (quite shallow) pocket over: pyrex & a Coke crate. Both of which will be utilized in my kitchen & market booth. Total spent: $28.


Are you a fan of vintage / thrifting / antiquing? What are your favorite finds?

Have a wonderful weekend & may the prices be on your side.


Three Things Thursday

1. Do you ever run in to overly eccentric people time & time again? I’ve noticed that it happens in spurts. Today, I wondered if it was to help me improve my poker face… And then I wondered how often people get to work on their poker face around me.

2. Fall harvest has been so lovely lately! I’ve been putting together lots of tinctures, elixirs, tea blends, & all sorts of other happy herby products. It makes my heart sing. The kitchen table makes a great lab.


3. Some amazing sunsets have been setting in my back yard. Breathtaking even. I always like to take a few moments to honor the power of such a bright star & the presence of the moon & sun together in the skies. It’s very centering to my soul.


Sending centering thoughts your way.

Welcoming Fall With Real Food Ingredients


I love everything there is about Fall: football, soccer, warming foods, scarves, boots, open windows all day, crisp mornings & evenings, running trails of freshly fallen leaves, the list could go on & on. With each change of season, I always make a welcoming spice blend to simmer on the stove & beckon seasonal changes to happily enter our home. This simple blend is my absolute favorite, & also happens to remind me of the potpourri blends my mom simmered constantly during my childhood.

My Ode to Fall Blend:
2 sticks of cinnamon
1 teaspoon orange zest
1 teaspoon nutmeg
1 teaspoon cloves
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 cups water

Mix ingredients in a small saucepan & simmer on low all day. Check water levels & add more as needed.

How do you welcome this beautiful season?

Happy Fall! May your toes be warm & your days be filled with joy,


Holy smokes, is it Friday already?! These days are flying by & no matter how much I plan, I never seem to accomplish all that covers my beloved post it note lists. With craft show season quickly approaching {my 1st show is in 2 weeks!!!}, I’m spending a lot of time working in the studio, gathering herbs & drying them for herbal concoctions.

A little sample of our week:

Looking in antique shops for booth decor & storage.


Items from the studio.



Fresh, organic herbs from the garden.


Thoroughly enjoying cool mornings for coffee breaks & yummy muffins.


Have a fabulous weekend, all! What’s on your agenda for welcoming Fall?

Chamomile: Not Just a Sleepy Time Herbal Tea

Even before I got into herbs, I new that chamomile was a great tea to drink if you needed help falling asleep. {Thank you American television.} Modern medicine does a great job @ taking a symptom, finding one chemical component to make the symptom go away & then running it into the ground. As an herbalist, my job is to take several steps back from a symptom, listen to signals from clients, & look for patterns of dysfunction to help treat to assist the body in finding homeostasis. Balance & support are always my goals in herbal protocols.

A favorite herb that I keep on hand is Chamomile, known to the ancient Greeks as “ground apple.” This herb not only has sedative properties to help with sleep, but also acts as a whole body tonic to build strength during & after an illness. As a nervine, chamomile is wonderful to have on hand during emergencies to bring a calmness to situations, it helps ease menstrual cramps & has anti-biotic properties, & with the bitterness of this plant, chamomile is wonderful for digestive upset such as colic in babies & young children, & healing the intestinal walls in cases of Leaky Gut & Candida.

As with any physical problems, diet is ALWAYS number one in treating the body. If you can heal the gut, you can make a huge impact on physical symptoms, mental/emotional stress & body processes. Headaches, nervous tension, colds, allergies, autoimmune disease, and more can easily be maintained & controlled through the right individual diet & exercise plan. Chamomile works well in many of these situations to provide bodily support for digestion related pains (including headaches related to liver overload), easing physical & mental tension, lowering fevers with colds, easing the intensity of allergies due to mucus overload in the body & has a cumulative effect for auto immune symptoms.

Most recently in our house, I have used chamomile specifically for digestive upset & constipation, calming bad dreams (due to eating too close to bed time & stress), easing nervous energy & stress & seemingly unending cases of the whines {from both children & this momma}. Chamomile blends beautifully in juices, so the children don’t mind (and sometimes aren’t even aware of) taking it & is a pleasant tea to sip while snuggled up with a cozy blanket & good book.

There is no magic pill, food, formula or herb to heal any / all issues, but with the right food choices, regular exercise & body process support, chamomile is a great herbal friend – and not just for helping Grandmothers get to sleep.

May your sleep be sweet & your liver be happy,

Three Things Thursday

1. My 5 year old heard “I’m Sexy & I Know It” the other day & now he walks around singing it constantly. The Jack’d up version, however, is, “I’ve got your baby & I know it.” Making him sound more like a kidnapper than a narcissist.

2. You know those days when things come out of you mouth & you just have to stop & shake your head? Earlier tonight I heard myself saying, “You cannot lick people when you’re naked, Son! It makes you weird.” It was followed soon after by, “Rocking naked brothers is against the law. WHY would you want to rock a naked boy?!?!” Lesson learned: clothes would fix at least part of the problem.

3. We made our way to the Lodge Cast Iron Outlet last weekend & snagged a great 5 piece set that included a Dutch Oven. I’m over the moon excited to have the set + a few pieces that belonged to my husband’s grandparents from the late 30s.

Do you have any heirloom kitchen pieces you use constantly, or a great recipe to share? I’d love to hear about them!

Happy licking {while clothed},



It’s finally Friday & this tired Mommy couldn’t be happier for a long weekend to get some good ol’ r ‘n r.

We kicked off last weekend with a night of backyard camping {for the girls only} & the Tooth Fairy found us thanks to H leaving an oh-so-bright flashlight shining on the lost body part.

I love watching the fog roll out on early mornings as I get to enjoy coffee before everyone starts waking. Country living is a gift.

My poor little sick one has been a trooper. He takes whatever I give him & while the herbs have helped tremendously, I can’t get the mucus in his chest to break up & move out for anything. Off to the doc we go for some allopathic assistance.

Here’s to a weekend of recovery & seriously delicious, healing foods.

Three Things Thursday

1. Parenting is hard. Not that this is new news, or anything, but it’s been especially difficult in our house the past few months. Today I was talking with a wise woman about things & she said, “When I learned to slow down & communicate with my children, parenting became so much easier.” Her words hit me like a Mac truck. Perspective is an important talent to have. How applicable is her wisdom to every facet of life?

2. We’ve had a sick one in the house this week. Herbs, herbs, & more herbs have gone into my little man & thankfully his fever broke without getting into the frighteningly high zone & he only missed one day of school. Germs are good until they aren’t, huh?

3. I needed to get out of the house today, so I went “pre-shopping” for school picture outfits. The kids have outgrown Carter’s, aren’t really Gymboree style wearers & H isn’t going to be sporting Justice clothing any time soon (or ever if i can help it). It makes me think the Amish are on to something.

Keep calm & sew rad clothes,