Three Things Thursday

1. Gah! It’s officially my first Farmers Market day & I’m a lil bit on the cray-cray side trying to think through things & not go major cray-cray from stress & over-thinking.

2. Stress + injury + full moon + blerg = 2 lb weight gain this week. Must.simmer.down.

3. As I was walking out the door to buy supplies the other day, Jack asked what I was doing. My reply: “I’m getting things for work.” He scoffed and said: “WHAT?!?! Girls don’t like to do real work, Mommy! {laughed eeeeevily & ran away}.” Who is this child & what am I teaching him?

Happy working day happiness,


Dandelion Tea {a tidbit of herbal knowledge}

Remember being little, traipsing barefoot through the yard & making wishes as you blew those fuzzy white dandelion blossoms all around in a magical whirlwind? I’ve always had a love for those beautiful “weeds” & now I use them as a strong cleansing herb.

I value them in each stage of their life, and am always amazed at their strength to grow in the least plant friendly places. When I’m walking along a city sidewalk and see them peeping through the cracks, I always give a cheer at the dandelion’s ability to spread its roots and grow.

Dandelion is a powerful herb that grows in most countries in the world. It’s a diuretic, so powerful that simply handling the puff balls and picking the bright yellow flowers can stimulate your kidneys. I like to place early greens in spring salads (before the flowers bud, afterwards they are too bitter) & use the roots as a tea. Roasted, they are a great alternative to coffee & with a touch of honey, are seriously tasty.

Benefits of this tiny herb: diuretic, cleansing to the kidney and liver, a good tonic for overall organ support, it can be used as a laxative if needed, and because dandelion helps with the liver, it also clears up skin problems and aids in weight loss. The sap of the plant can be used to remove warts and moles, as well as making blemishes disappear.

As I sit and sip on my dandelion tea, I am thankful for its prolific growth, amazing medicinal qualities, & its tenacity for life.

May your days be sunny & prolific.