Happy Accidents in Herb Gardening

A quick walk out to the compost pile & herb beds this morning made me do a double take & pull a Joey from Blossom type “WHOA!!!” this morning. I love being an herbalist & seeing what pops up, a very dry June & very rainy July & August have certainly made for interesting herb gardening.

In the compost pile I discovered some great pumpkin vines & baby walnut trees.

Among the strawberry plants, a beautiful poke has begun to put off berries, which will make for some fun face painting & hopefully cloth dying for some crafty projects.

My fennel has gone to seed & I’m telling myself that I’ll keep a closer eye on it to save the seeds to share & sell @ the farmers market. The mullein is putting on a tall, flowering show, too. I’ll gather the flowers & add them with garlic to make an ear oil.

I was so happy to see my echinacea flowering & my goodness @ the sages, rosemary, lemon balm & mints!!! Off I go with tools to snip, dry & make into products for market.

It never ceases to amaze me that all of this grows in 2 small raised beds & a {very} neglected compost pile. Mother Nature is full of surprises.

Happy herb harvesting,

Do you garden on a small or large scale? What’s been the most surprising crop to pop up on your land?