Three Things Thursday

1. Do you ever run in to overly eccentric people time & time again? I’ve noticed that it happens in spurts. Today, I wondered if it was to help me improve my poker face… And then I wondered how often people get to work on their poker face around me.

2. Fall harvest has been so lovely lately! I’ve been putting together lots of tinctures, elixirs, tea blends, & all sorts of other happy herby products. It makes my heart sing. The kitchen table makes a great lab.


3. Some amazing sunsets have been setting in my back yard. Breathtaking even. I always like to take a few moments to honor the power of such a bright star & the presence of the moon & sun together in the skies. It’s very centering to my soul.


Sending centering thoughts your way.



What we’ve been up to recently:


Enjoying sunsets.


Spending time with dear friends.


Introducing H & my nieces to the magic of great live music @ the Grand Ole Opry.


Easing back into the crafting studio.


And enjoying evenings when Daddy makes it home before bedtime.

Today we’re heading out to camp for a few days & then it’s back to the school routine & figuring out what to do with myself while both kids are in kindy & 1st grade.

May your summer days be full of adventure & family time,