Semi-wordless Wednesday


Three days & counting until the first craft fair of the season. I’m a busy girl!



Camping, bonfires, & s’mores.


An end of season swim team party, complete with a huge storm & power outage.


Opening day @ school


And some time for me to work on new projects.

{Lots of upcycling: a yarn wreath with flowers made from a shirt & two cafe aprons made from a dress.}

I’m looking forward to some trail time over the weekend & enjoying our last few lazy days of summer before jumping into the hustle-bustle of a school routine.

Happy weekending & Instagramming moments,

Three Things Thursday

1. I’ve been carving out some studio time this week & trying to do a good bit of upcycling from the amazing bin of clothes I have. So far so good! The other day I deconstructed a really cute dress & it became a cafe apron (+ several other projects).

20120802-123346.jpg I see so many more projects in my near future.

2. Today was a 2 hour day for the kids at school. I officially have a Kindergartener & 1st grader. People keep asking me how I’m handling my babies being in school – other than a little sniffle moment last night while tucking them into bed, I’m ecstatic! Routine, projects, field trips, reading new books, meeting new friends, & watching them blossom into ridiculously cool kids is great gift for making it through the baby & toddler years.


3. We went on a camping trip last weekend & had lots of time in the pool. Swimming laps, doing flips + handstands, tipping each other off of floats & just enjoying time together in the water was healing for all of our souls. Once our school routine is under way, this momma is gonna hit the water much more often. Maybe one day I’ll even do a little tri. 😉

Off to the studio to prep for market + a reopening of my Etsy shop.
Just keep swimming,