Stepping Into Change

When I became a stay-at-home mom a few years ago, it was with the understanding that I would re-enter the working world once our youngest was settled into kindergarten. Four months into his kindergarten career, the little freckle faced, curly haired cutey is settled in. He has adjusted to the fact that he must do real work every school day & is well on his way to convincing the girls around him to finish tasks he feels are unnecessary: namely coloring & glueing.

Before I became a stay-at-home mom, I was a working mom. Actually, I began my career & became a mommy just ten days later. It’s what I refer to as a fake it till ya make it phase of life. {added to that: building a house & grad school, aka, formula for a breakdown}. Fast forward 7 years & I’ve tip-toed back into bits & pieces of my previous career. Instead of catching up on the latest gossip & news with the GMA crew, I’m up before the sun to squeeze in a workout & getting everyone ready between sips of coffee to head out to help instruct & guide the future leaders of America. Stepping into a surprisingly quick change has been nice. It’s added some new challenges to our lives, but has also added tiny bits of confidence that I lost several years ago.

So, as herb school closes & my business takes shape, it will be formed around weeks spent in the classroom, evenings of family time & consultations & weekends spent at festivals & craft shows. Do what you love, love what you do. Find peace with broken pieces of your past, pick them up, dust them off, learn to love them again & enjoy stepping onto blended paths of a happy mix of old & new.


Happy new {work} week,